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Why an SER is So Important to the Life of a Project

It is highly suggested that the SER should be brought on board before the plans for the building or whatever are even finalized. A well-trained SER can offer some great advice about the planning of multiple aspects of the building. They can give much advice about building codes, zoning restrictions, and the cost of materials. The SER can immediately begin drafting reports and making calculations of the many things like loads, stresses, the intended uses, and environmental factors. These reports and calculation documents are necessary before a lot of other needed documents for the projects can even composed. A structural engineer is so important to a development and building project that their services should be retained until the project is finally and definitely completed.

Architects will usually not perform any calculations involving the structure. This is directly the role of the SER. However, the organizations doing the project should hire an SSE as well to concentrate on particularly complex portions of the building design. If this is the case, the SSE will work with the SER by giving him or her calculations for their assigned complex portion. Although an SER has not yet attained a veteran status which will make them an SSE, they are not beginners in the field. They are beyond that. Those who have passed the first exam and have just entered the field are usually tasked with relatively simple and smaller projects on overall larger projects.

Like the SSE, they work with the SER and give him or her the calculations for their simple part of the project. Structural engineers of any variety tend to mostly land projects for buildings. This is not surprising since their inspection is so crucial today. The lack of such can create serious problems in getting permits or even getting into legal trouble. But it must be said that even girded with the services of a structural engineer there are bound to me imperfections and usually are. Sometimes those imperfections can turn out to be big.

This is why professional insurance rates for structural engineers been going up and up in recent years and continue doing so. But structural engineers usually have the most insurance coverage. That is why insurers require that if a business hires an architect for a building project, they must also hire a structural engineer. Many see this as actually a good thing since it has motivated the industry to ever heighten its standards, rules, and training practices. And that in itself is a positive.