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The Current Face of Structural Engineering Throughout the World

While the ranks of structural engineers are growing all the time, it is not growing fast enough. Many countries are reporting a frightening shortage of qualified structural engineers. At the same time, many of the top professionals already in the field are reporting finding it more and more difficult to get a position. This is because there are a whole lot of business that would rather go the less expensive route and get the services of the more inexpensive professionals who are usually unqualified and very inexperienced. And that is hurting the quality and integrity of their structures.

But minimizing imperfections is not the only reason structural engineers should be used in a project. They are so vital, in fact, that a construction project cannot be done without an SER. Strict construction regulations state that any repair or revision to a structure during construction cannot be made without the approval of an SER. But they also have expertise for design of a lot of other things like machinery, medical equipment, vehicles, and an endless amount of other possibilities. This is because their science deals in the structural performance of a wide variety of materials.
This knowledge can therefore theoretically be applied to just about anything. However, that is a very broad description of what they do. They concentrate on many details that you might not think would be their area of expertise. For instance, their position also requires them to create new money savings methods. Although they can technically work on any project and although most of those projects tend to be buildings, most structural engineers will usually pick an industry of specialization. Today, Structural Engineers almost always play an imperative role in design and construction.

They even have tools that can accurately predict possible scenarios of a situation and thereby take the necessary steps to prevent them. These incredibly accurate predicting tools also help save money—sometimes lots of money—but illuminating some scenarios as actually possible. By far the top predicting tool invented and developed over the past twenty years is the Performance Based Design. This is the very best tool for predicting the possible future catastrophes of a structure. Today there are also some extremely important organizations for the structural engineer.

Predominant among these is The Council of American Structural Engineers (known as CASE). As the name implies, CASE is centered on everything involved in the structural engineering industry. It is also seen as the top authority in the structural engineer world. Its many regulations put huge emphasis on the cooperation of SERs and SSEs. But it is only one overseeing organization in the world. Another extremely important one is the International Structural Engineering and Construction Society (ISEC). Its goal is to provide the professionals of these industries from all around the globe the very latest in research and findings concerning these areas. They play a huge hand worldwide in all the facets of the engineering and construction industries. And there are structural engineering businesses everywhere. In every country and in every state. All of these businesses have field associates highly involved in just about every kind of construction going on at any given moment.