Fashion and Designer Clothes

Fashion and Designer Clothes

Women and fashion are a tandem that can never be separated. There are many styles, dresses, and fads in the fashion world to choose from. One such country we can attribute to having very vibrant designer(Nida Mahmood) fashion is India. Indian or Bollywood fashion is set to take over the fashion world with their unique, comfortable and vibrant fashion pieces.

One such piece is the sari. The sari is a long piece of garment worn by wrapping from the waist and draping one end on end of shoulder. There are a lot of ways to use a sari but some styles of using a sari bare the midriff portion. Women in India and in some parts of Asia revere wearing a sari as a symbol of grace. More fashion-forward takes on the sari now go for a heavily accessorized cloth. They attach an assortment of crystals, beads and do heavy embroidery on the cloth which gives out an opulent feel to the garment. Saris are usually paired with a similar colored blouse that is close to how crop tops look like. With the blouse, saris are also used with a petticoat underneath it. Different kinds of cloth can be made to a sari. Cotton saris remain the more comfortable everyday option while the more colorful and vibrant ones veer toward silks and chiffons. Designer fashion saris are now modernizing saris by creating simpler designs with clean cuts, and evolving to other types of prints such as plaids.

Another designer fashion item are the designer scarves that is all the rage nowadays, not only in India. Scarves have become a staple for Indian women as a sign of respect to their norms and religion. Scarves have come a long way from just being a simple piece of cloth wrapped around the neck or the head of a woman. Today, designer scarves such as those created by Alexander McQueen or Gucci lean towards the bold prints and the silks. Designer scarves are also known to embroider intricate designs on their scarves. Whether they are cotton or silk, most designer scarves are all about the plaids, prints, heavy embroidery and beaded(Semi precious stones) designs that are definitely eye-catching.

Ka-sha is one fashion label that is known to provide designs that celebrate clothing influenced by India. They offer a wide array of dresses that range from tie-dyed dresses in typical Indian style dresses, and wide-legged pants that have contrasting colors. Despite the clash of colors to the dresses and items, the design superbly looks beautiful when worn and is very comfortable to wear as well.

Indian inspired designer fashion is slowly getting a good amount of attention. It’s never too late to jump into the bandwagon and try these beautiful designer pieces that are sure to make a statement wherever you go.

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